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Pertaining to telephony over radio channels.
A radio transmitter and radio receiver used together for two-way telephone communication by radio. Also known as radiophone.
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An earlier term for wireless voice systems. See mobile telephony.
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"To maximize performance of our wireless telephones, the Wi-Fi network must ensure toll-quality voice, drop-free fast roaming, and high availability.
"Working together, we are enabling our enterprise mobility customers to take full advantage of existing Symbol mobile computers alongside SpectraLink's wireless telephone systems.
The arrangement provides for the shipment by HZQXCI of up to 300,000 units of fixed wireless telephone sets via Huawei within 12 months of the initial order.
Two-way radios provide a fast, dependable and economical way to conduct short, direct conversations--transmissions go from radio to radio, not relayed via a wireless telephone system, and no airtime or roaming charges are incurred as there can be with wireless phone service.
This 3 dBi omni-directional antenna can replace the standard rubber ducky or whip antenna on a wireless telephone terminal or data services.
Beneficiaries of increased household demand will include suppliers of personal computers and wireless telephone equipment.
Wireless telephone users are well aware of the new number portability rules, which went into effect November 24, and many are biding their time until they can switch carriers, now that they can keep their telephone numbers.
SpectraLink's NetLink Wireless Telephone portfolio is designed to meet the communication needs for enterprises of any size in an array of industries.
Wireless telephone company, T-Mobile USA Inc will provide three US airlines with high-speed, wireless Internet access in their clubs and lounges.
The problem, at a Cable and Wireless telephone exchange, meant thousands of calls to hospital services across Birmingham and Solihull were blocked.
By integrating the Freeset DCT1900 with a supported nurse call system (NCS), the Freeset wireless telephone acts as a single, lightweight, portable nurse call master.
Siemens has joined forces with SpectraLink to launch an advanced IP based wireless telephone system.

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