witch's hat

witch’s hat

1. A conical roof with an especially steep slope.
2. Same as bonnet roof.
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Artists behind a sculpture of a witch's hat dedicated to their hometown insist it will cast a spell over Hogmanay.
A Prospect Park neighborhood group has turned to the courts to try to force a developer to shrink the height of a residential project proposed near the historic Witch's Hat water tower in Tower Hill Park.
Paul Oliver from Houghton-le-Spring took five superb rainbows from the rocks near the Witch's Hat and when his other half checked his catch she realised one fish had a tag!
"Wear your witch's hat, if you like, and help us usher in Spring and Summer in a fun and unusual way," said Patty Kennedy Green, farm coordinator.
But as he pushed past Casie she fell off her bike breaking her right forearm at Witch's Hat Park, in Yate, near Bristol.
More recently a Halloween-themed protest saw thousands of signs featuring Joy Seppala in a witch's hat produced to be held up during the clash with Chesterfield.
It was so excruciatingly embarrassing I covered my face in green make-up and pulled a widebrimmed witch's hat far down over my face in the hope no one would recognise me.
Put all the papers into a witch's hat and pass it round the children, who should be sitting in a circle.
"I bought her costume from a supermarket, she wanted to go as a witch so she had a witch's hat and a cape and some stripy tights and a sort of long flowy skirt thing."
At the risk of sounding old fashioned didn't Halloween outfits used to comprise of bit of fake blood and a witch's hat? From what I witnessed over the weekend, It has turned into a full scale fancy dress event these days.
Musical Witch's Hat (like musical chairs but participants pass around a witch hat instead)
brittanyferries.co.uk/offers, 0871 244 1444 Or pack your witch's hat and broomstick for a spooky Hallowe'en at sea on a twonight mini-cruise to Holland with DFDS Seaways from PS58pp.