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'The remarks of the NAB chairman substantiate my claim that the government and NAB have a nexus for witch-hunt against the opposition,' he added.
'I think the former president should give credit to President Duterte because he could have made this into a political witch-hunt and he did not,' the President's spokesperson added.
MacAskill had said: "It's akin to a witch-hunt and creating a climate of fear."
In Witch-Hunt and Conspiracy, Nicholas Herriman challenges the primacy of these national-level factors.
Mr Trump did not clarify what exactly he was referring to in the early-morning tweet, although he has frequently described reports about possible ties between members of his campaign and Russia as a "witch-hunt".
"To me what's interesting about Trump's tweet is the use of the witch-hunt analogy, because it's a classic way in which somebody implicitly claims, 'I am being unfairly targeted,' because we all believe the people who were accused of witchcraft in 1692 were unfairly targeted," she said.
In his much-used textbook on The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe, Levack took one approach to providing a synthesis of the persecutions: while acknowledging geographical and chronological variations, each chapter of the text focuses on some factor that was either a precondition or an inducement to witch-hunting (such as the rise of the cumulative concept, religious conflict, judicial change, and so on).
Mostly in the tribal-dominated areas in India, according to Mishra, thousands of women are assaulted and killed during the witch-hunt. Among the tribal populations in India, witchcraft accusations are particularly common.
DAMIEN HOPLEY - chief executive of the Rugby Players' Association - said last week that his union had been watching the Joe Marler (right) saga "unfold in a state of disbelief" and he labelled coverage of the matter an "excruciating media witch-hunt".
Witch-Hunt and Conspiracy: The 'Ninja Case' in East Java
And all the while, an invisible hand fed by hatred turns not only the country's prosecutors and judges but also companies like the Turkish Satellite Communications Company (TE-rksat) into critical instruments for its own witch-hunt. We all watch as the targeting of one specific social group turns into an outright hunt.
THAT the Governor of the Central Bank Chrystalla Georghadji has been the target of a witch-hunt by the political parties there is little doubt.