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withe, wythe

withe, 1
1. A partition dividing two flues in the same chimney stack.
2. A flexible, slender twig or branch; an osier; esp. used to tie down thatching on roofs.
3. Each continuous vertical section of wall, one masonry unit in thickness.
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Withe - the former Town assistant boss - will always be remembered as the player who 30 years ago scored the winning goal for Villa in their European Cup final triumph over Bayern Munich in Rotterdam.
The crowning glory was winning the European Cup final in 1982 against the might of Bayern Munich when Withe scored the winner.
Chantelle Joseph, Richard De Vere and Marc Lawler, backstage at St Helens Theatre Royal Kev Seed with his mum, Chris Julie Perry (Julie Perry Events) and Kathryn Hodson at Gusto Kev Seed, with Jane Joseph, at the wrap party for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Andrew Hodson (Entire Facility Management Services Ltd), Dale Jennings (Tranmere Rovers Man of the Match) and Geoff Withe, at the Tranmere v Carlisle game Andrew Hodson, Geoff Withe (Entire Facility Management Services Ltd), Jan Molby, Tim Edwards and Darren Broxton (Dee View Hotel) at Tranmere Rovers v Carlisle Andrew Hodson, Kevin West (West Management Consultancy), Geoff Withe, John Robinson (Scantec) and Max Payne, at the Tranmere game
Now former Aston Villa and England European Cup winner Withe, who managed Thailand for a five-year spell, before taking charge of Indonesia, says it's no surprise and reckons the Scots had better get used to being behind the 'minnows'.
Oakland wouldn't be able to annex any of Hickory Withe if the latter were itself incorporated.
And jilted Jules and boozy Sammy, played by Sarah Withe and Rachael Lindsay, show how they've become Close mates off the Brookie set.
To obtain relief under these rules, the tax-payers involved must show that the failures to comply with the election rules were inadvertent, occurred withe reasonable cause, and are or have been corrected in a reasonable period following the discovery of the error.
Ask the audience if you should dry the table withe the dry cloth.
Tribes of American Indians used to trap swarms of insects in trenches where they'd kill and roast them withe fire.
It is this unknown that has evoked caution among business concerns regarding the extent of their efforts toward compliance withe the act.
Paradise Forum - fronted by Steve Withe - wanted to include Moore's exclamation in new tribute track Villa You're The One.
Aston Villa must replace |Paul Lambert with a manager with the club in his heart if they are to avoid slipping out of the Barclays Premier League, according to former player Peter Withe.