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You can get in the Hallowe'en spirit at Morrisons' ghoulish fish counter as it serves Wolffish - with an array of sharp fans and crushing molar teeth.
Holding temperature during the breeding season influences final maturation and egg quality in common wolffish. Journal of Fish Biology, vol.
The area is lush and productive, a refuge not only for threatened groundfish like Atlantic cod, but also for rare species such as Atlantic wolffish and North Atlantic right whales.
The IGFA lists the ambush predator as trahira, or wolffish. It seems a perfect name for this voracious predator that hides at the bottom of structures and under rocks in fast moving mountain rivers strewn with rapids.
But, once skinned, their meat can be passed off as huss - which is normally dogfish, wolffish or catfish.
* Males of wolffish (Anarhichas) roll over to one side and bend the body in inverted U shape prior to mating (Johannessen et al., 1993).
Bjerkas, "The anatomy of the oesophagus, stomach and intestine of the common wolffish (Anarhichas lupus L.): a basis for diagnostic work and research," Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica, vol.
A: When a cod net comes back into a boat, up with it comes pollock, cusk, ling, whitefish, dogfish, monkfish, wolffish, you name it.
, the Atlantic wolffish, is also known as the "Atlantic catfish" and often lives alongside the Atlantic cod.
He says: "There are these wolffish which are 3ft long, they have huge teeth that they use to eat clams and shellfish.
It's the perfect prelude to the stunning main course, Heston's Day Out at the Seaside with Wolffish Cheeks and Saucy Seagull.