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CaSiO3 A white to gray inosilicate mineral (a pyroxenoid) that crystallizes in the triclinic system in tabular crystals and has a pearly or silky luster on the cleavages; hardness is 5-5.5 on Mohs scale, and specific gravity is 2.85. Also known as tabular spar.
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(named after the English scientist W. H. Wollaston, 1766-1828), also tabular spar, a silicate mineral with a chain structure and a circular radical. Its chemical formula is Ca3(Si3O9), and it sometimes contains traces of iron. Wollastonite crystallizes in a triclinic system, forming flat tabular crystals as well as radiated and conchoidal aggregates; its color is white and sometimes pink. It has a hardness of 5-5.5 on the mineralogical scale and a density of 2,780-2,920 kg/m3. Wollastonite is formed by contact and plutonic regional metamorphism of limestones.

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Presently the mine produces about 50,000 tons of wollastonite per year, the major share of production being exported to Japan.
In this study, several inorganic fillers with different shapes were chosen to form HDPE composites: talc, sericite, mica, and kaolin are lamellar; wollastonite is needle-like; and diatomite is porous.
The incorporation of both wollastonite types into iPP matrix disturbs regular spherulitization.
Apatite Wollastonite (A-W) bioactive ceramic powder was synthesized by sol gel method.
Contact angles on the film of the iPP and elastomers as well as on compacts of the wollastonite fillers were measured on a DataPhysics OCA 20 Instrument.
Calcite is disseminated throughout the skarn as white, anhedral, equidimensional grains commonly associated with quartz and wollastonite. It was also observed as inclusions in the garnet cores and as layers along growth planes in the dark core zones.
The aim of the present research is to develop composites consisting of commercially pure titanium powders and indigenously prepared apatite wollastonite glass ceramic powders by sintering in argon atmosphere and evaluation of in vitro biological behaviour in a simulated body fluid (SBF)[11].
Company produces varying grades of untreated and surface-modified wollastonite, a naturally occurring, white, nonmetallic mineral with an acicular structure.
Important among those are wollastonite [19-28], talc [26, 27], clay [2, 29, 30], and calcium carbonate [31].
The rare thorium silicate, ekanite, was unexpectedly discovered in crystalline wollastonite with titanite and zoisite.
India is endowed with significant resources and is well-placed regarding reserves of a number of non-fuel minerals such as iron ore, bauxite, barytes, dolomite, manganese, mica, zircon, granite and marble, while there are adequate reserves of chromite, zinc, graphite and wollastonite. In addition, there are several mineral resources such as gold, the platinum group metals and diamonds which can be economically exploited using modern technology.
Nyco Minerals is introducing two new specialty wollastonite fillers.