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the nontechnical name for uterus

What does it mean when you dream about a womb?

A dream about being in a womb could represent regression—or a desire to regress—to one’s childhood. Alternatively, it could reflect the feeling that one is being reborn in some way.

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With each season a dog undergoes, the lining of the womb gets thicker and tiny cysts form.
The study discovered that lowered levels of oxygen - known as hypoxia - stimulates the production of a protein called HIF-1, which drives repair of the womb lining.
The US breakthrough came after years of attempts to perfect womb transplants, which have only been a success in Sweden.
This has the potential to really disrupt things, first by asking the question of whether a fetus could be considered 'viable' at the time of abortion if you could place it in an artificial womb.
Unlike incubators, it replicates conditions in a womb.
After decades of continued research, a team from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have created a working artificial womb.
Unlike incubators, the "extrauterine support device" closely reproduces conditions in a real womb.
About 840 women are diagnosed with womb cancer every year in the West Midlands and about 180 die from the disease.
Around 350 women in the region are diagnosed with womb cancer every year with 80 dying from the disease, this compares to 10 years ago when the figure stood at 240, with 50 women dying.
She added: "Obesity is linked to 10 different types of cancer, including womb cancer, and is the single biggest preventable cause of the disease after smoking.
He said the lining of the womb in the recurrent miscarriage patients they studied is already defective before pregnancy.
The technique, which uses a device called AneVivo, involves putting egg and sperm cells in a tiny capsule which is placed painlessly into the womb for 24 hours, during which time embryos begin to develop.