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the nontechnical name for uterus
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What does it mean when you dream about a womb?

A dream about being in a womb could represent regression—or a desire to regress—to one’s childhood. Alternatively, it could reflect the feeling that one is being reborn in some way.

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The volume is generated from comparatively simple plan diagrams, in which circles nuzzle each other to form mythic shell- or womb-like spaces.
Whether we look at Shadrack retreating from society to live in his womb-like hut over the river, Son in Tar Baby allowing himself to be swallowed in Caribbean womb-water, Joe crawling back into his mother's "cave" in Jazz, or Sethe and Paul regressing to a bewildered and helpless infantile state in Beloved, we find that the womb exercises an eerie and ineluctable power over Morrison's heroes and heroines.
This womb-like private chapel in a Maltese farmhouse is suffused with a simple yet intensely moving serenity.