women's room

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ladies’ room, women’s room

In a public building, a room containing toilet and lavatory facilities for the use of ladies.
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As my son gets older, someone might get upset and call the police if they see him in the women's room," she said.
Similarly, anatomical females who appear to be men will not be forced to either utilize a restroom surrounded by men who may wonder why the toilet stall rather than the urinal is always used, nor to cause coeds using the women's room to be startled or worse when they see a "man" entering, he argues.
BHF hopes its virtual women's room will help those with the illness by introducing them to others in the same position and removing the isolation surrounding heart disease in women.
He is, if any one person is, responsible for forcing issues around women's reproductive freedom from grimy back alleys and furtive kitchen or Women's Room conversations to in-your-face news, shouted from legislatures, courthouse steps, debates and demonstrations.
She heads the Women's Room, an online group dedicated to getting more female commentators into the public eye.
When Marilyn French's novel The Women's Room was released in 1977, I was 11.
Practically speaking, what I am planning to do is take my husband with me to Canada just for the first month or so," said Um Yousuf, 26, who was watching a presentation that was being delivered in the next room and broadcast in the women's room through a television screen.
French's1977 novel The Women's Room won her much acclaim for her treatment of female subjugation in a male dominated world, reports the BBC.
ONE phrase put into the mouth of a character in Marilyn French's novel, The Women's Room, was to haunt the author the rest of her life.
The Women's Room by Marilyn French (Virago Press, 6.
I could use paper towels from the women's room and sneak them out in my underwear, I thought.
Ruth said at least seven Leicester City players, who were on a training trip to the resort, burst into the women's room after a night of drinking.

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