women's room

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ladies’ room, women’s room

In a public building, a room containing toilet and lavatory facilities for the use of ladies.
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Our Women's Room can give you the 'informational hug' you need and introduce you to other women just like you.
Schaef's Women's Reality and French's The Women's Room were revelations to me when I was beginning to chafe at the unrealistic expectations our culture held of wives and mothers prior to the onset of the women's movement.
In a world in which women's reproductive rights are still being legislated and their responsibilities as wives and mothers being regulated, however, the dark, pessimistic endings of The Good Mother and Thee Handmaids Tale may invite political action from their readers no less than did The Women's Room in its social context, although by different means.
As for "accommodations,'' the all-gender/handicap access bathroom was fine, but being used by everyone; there was also an odd dark hallway beyond, leading to an unlighted women's room.
Fatima is conscious, said Shaikha, and was helping detectives from Scotland Yard piece together the horrible chain of events that led to an unknown assailant entering the women's room at the Cumberland Hotel and smashing them in the face with a hammer.
BHF has created an online hub called The Women's Room for those living with heart disease or who are worried about their health.
Armed officers from the Garda National Drug Unit swooped on the hotel and found five more kilos of cocaine when they raided the women's room.
ONE phrase put into the mouth of a character in Marilyn French's novel, The Women's Room, was to haunt the author the rest of her life.
It is understood they could face charges over allegedly breaking into the women's room.
Even my partner, who looks like a handsome young boy, has found herself being pulled out of the women's room.
Female transgendered males who use the women's room risk having the police called on them.
She had an office in the engineering building right next to a men's room but a floor away from the nearest women's room.

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