wood chipboard

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A large class of building boards made from wood particles and a binder; usually has a density of 25 to 50 lb per cu ft (400 to 800 kg per cu m); often faced with veneer. Also See chipboard; coreboard.
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When fibreglass mating (200 mm) was covered with a 10 mm thick wood chipboard (structure No.
When studying the airborne attenuation index of individual materials, the best values were obtained using a wood chipboard.
Out of the investigation materials, the best structure, according to the airborne sound attenuation index and the sound insulation index, was obtained upon composing a noise-reduction wall of a wood chipboard frame filled with fibreglass or rockwool ([DL.
Medium- and high-frequency sounds are most efficiently reduced by a structure composed of wood chipboard with fibreglass or rockwool filling.
4, the second zone), the most efficient materials determined in terms of noise reduction are gypsum cardboards and wood chipboards.
Wood chipboards and gypsum cardboards have the highest volume mass of all the tested materials and therefore sound insulation using the samples of these materials is the highest.