wood louse

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wood louse:

see crustaceancrustacean
, primarily aquatic arthropod of the subphylum Crustacea. Most of the 44,000 crustacean species are marine, but there are many freshwater forms. The few groups that inhabit terrestrial areas have not been particularly successful in an evolutionary sense; most require
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You see meltwater scything through land forming titanic glaciers, penguins leaping from the waves like kids in a bouncy castle, a grey owl utterly unreal in its otherworldly beauty, and a wood louse the size of a dinner plate (it's under the sea, of course - there's some messed-up stuff under the sea).
A wood louse doesn't seem to have much of a time of it, for instance, and being a seal would always leave you in danger of getting a clout on the head if you strayed into Canadian waters.
THE first part of David Ashforth's excellent article on Anthony McCoy featured a picture showing Anthony leading in Wood Louse at Downpatrick almost 20 years ago.
It is here that scientists discovered the "Dudley Bug" - a trilobite that lived in the seas 425 million years ago, like a marine wood louse.
Palaeontologist Mr Colin Reid, who is also the town's museum manager, said: "The Dudley Bug, known as Calymene blumenbachii, was a sort of marine wood louse which lived 425million years ago.