wood moisture

moisture content

1. The weight of water, usually expressed as a percentage of the total dry weight of a material.
2. The weight of water in a given soil mass.
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Lot i: pine block ware quality requirement: 50% of the wood must have a length of 450 cm, 50% must not be less than 250 cm, plank width = plait not less than 25 cm, maximum wood moisture 20%.
Wood moisture content is directly related to relative humidity.
The wood moisture content (MC) also differed between TR and AR provenances, but in this case AR provenance had a higher value than TR provenance.
Wood moisture content must be reduced to approximately 15 percent for maximum strength and longevity.
My wood gasification furnace is very sensitive to wood moisture content and 15 to 25 percent is optimum--no smoke from the chimney
However, how long this adhesive bond lasted was an important issue, especially with changing wood moisture conditions.
A wood moisture meter costs as little as $20 at most home improvement retailers.
The wood moisture is affected by persistent higher or lower relative humidity, which a data logger can confirm.
The review is broken into three major topics: the differences between atmospheric corrosion and corrosion of embedded metals, the dependence of the corrosion rate on wood moisture content, and how corrosion of embedded metals affects the mechanical properties of the wood-metal connection.
The MMC220 Wood Moisture Meter from Wagner Meters is lightweight and easy to operate.
Co-rotating extruders achieve better surface renewal of the extrudate than counter-rotating extruders and can tolerate higher wood moisture in the feed.
How to make the switch - quick tips The right quality - Ask your supplier about wood moisture content when buying wood, and always use properly seasoned wood.