wood molding

WP-series molding pattern

One of a large number of profiles of commercially available moldings listed by the Western Wood Products Association.
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Metal bookends (4 5/8 x 5-inch) (available at office supply stores) Blocks of wood or wooden plaques (5 x 7-inch) Soft wood molding and small miter box Embellishments and letters for initials Marbleized paper or craft paper Mod Podge Hot glue gun and glue sticks 18Kt.
Others we couldn't touch, and didn't really want to--such as the original wood molding around the window frames.
If you have wood molding around your windows, you can save a ton of time and effort on your next curtain hardware installation project.
Engineered wood molding and trim is forecast to advance at the most rapid pace of all materials through 2016.
Trimroc interior crown molding installs quicker than traditional wood molding; instead of coping the inside corners as you would with wood, this product installs by using a 45-degree miter cut on each piece.
Blind units may be framed with either wood molding trim or a #117 metal vision frame.
"Hand-applying multiple labels to each strip of wood molding would have required two employees instead of one," says John Buhr of Woodmoulding.com, a systems integrator and consultant to Clifton Moulding.
A library and adjoining parlor are richly accented with cherry-toned bookcases and a grid of dark wood molding on a central, shared fireplace.
Wood molding sales increased by 4.4% to $1.8 billion in 1998, but in the coming years sales of wood moldings are not expected to be as high as sales of vinyl and plastic moldings.
Place flattened leaf or leaf image on work surface, and flank with wood molding.
"There's still a place for wood molding, especially when you want grains."--E.L.