wood rasp

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A coarse file having its surface dotted with protruding pointed teeth.
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Who lived in an uncle's workday, between intuition in a wood rasp & photographic contours
If they haven't been trimmed correctly, or the timber has swelled, use a coarse wood rasp to file away enough wood to give a good fit.
Given a supply of suitable wood, the steps for carving or sculpting a duck decoy required some basic woodworking tools, such as a small hatchet, drawknife, pocketknife, wood rasp, and perhaps some sandpaper.
Besides the materials listed in the box on the facing page, you'll need a screwdriver, a hammer, a nail set, a sander, sandpaper or a wood rasp, a drill with 1/16- and 3/4-inch bits, and polyurethane.
A wood rasp can often be used in place of a plane for smoothing and trimming door edges, drawers, and similar surfaces.
A screwdriver, a sharp pencil, straight edge ruler, a fine-toothed saw (yeah, you can use a hacksaw, I suppose), a coarse wood rasp and a medium-coarse file are about all you need, along with several sheets of sandpaper of 120 and 250 grit.
Use a quarter from your pocket to outline the radius on the end of the molding, and use a belt sander or wood rasp to shape it before nailing it into place.
Clamp the two frame pieces together and refine the curves with a wood rasp to make both sides identical.
For added protection against possible splintering of the legs when the benches or table are dragged, bevel their bottom edges, using a sander, wood rasp, or saw.