wood rat

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wood rat:

see pack ratpack rat,
rodent of the genus Neotoma, of North and Central America, noted for its habit of collecting bright, shiny objects and leaving other objects, such as nuts or pebbles, in their place; also called trade rat or wood rat.
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Sex-biased litter reduction in food-restricted wood rats (Neotoma floridana).
Overall, 67 specimens of seven species of mammals (all rodents) were captured: white-footed mouse (23 individuals in all habitats), deer mouse (14 individuals), hispid cotton rat (10 individuals), pygmy mouse (10 individuals), fulvous harvest mouse (7 individuals), eastern wood rat (2 individuals) and a house mouse (Mus musculus, 1 individual).
Wood rats, their primary prey in that region, feed on the leafy greens of open spaces.
Top predators like bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions keep smaller animals like rabbits and wood rats in check.
In fact, Burmese pythons have already been found eating endangered wood rats on Key Largo, off the mainland coast.
He is saddened by the losses - wood rats that build their nests with sticks were high on the casualty list.
Allen & Neill (1950) also list wood rats (Neotoma floridana), "barn rats" (Rattus sp.
For answers, the scientists are looking to pine snags, hairy woodpeckers, wood rats, soil fungi - everything that plays a role in what lives and dies and recycles back into the forest.
Come September, the animals that depend on (the acorns) - squirrels, acorn woodpeckers, wood rats - won't have enough food.
Hispid pocket mice (Chaetodipus hispidus) and Merriam's pocket mice (Perognathus merriami) were next in importance in this sample, whereas pygmy mice (Baiomys taylori) and southern plains wood rats (Neotoma micropus) occurred in somewhat lower numbers.
RIVERSIDE - Seven southwestern states have wood rats carrying the rare arenavirus, which has been linked to three deaths in California.