wood veneer

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1. A thin sheet of wood that has been sliced, rotary-cut, or sawn from a log; often used as the top one of several layers of plywood serving as a facing that is bonded to a less attractive wood, or as facing on a fire-rated material.
2. An outside wall facing of brick, stone, etc.; provides a decorative, durable surface but is not load-bearing.
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Time for the plasterer's mate to be invited over - after all, they can help with replastering, if wood veneer's not quite to your taste.
Alenga takes carefully selected wood veneers, saturates them with resin, then compresses then together under high pressure.
Previous investigations showed that promising glues for wood veneer bonding are lignosulphonates modified with amines, used separately or together with 4.41diphenylmethanediisocionate (PMDI) [6] and hot-melts of polyolefines [5].
Printed Wood Veneer Wallcoverings by Trove.Circle 203.
Perricone flagship store incorporates large pale green Italian porcelain tiles, which give the illusion of stone floors and walls and a soft celadon carpeting and rich African Obechi wood veneer, which is dominated by a backlit frosted-glass product display wall on each floor.
Easy to make and naturally beautiful, these votives use a brand-new, paper-thin wood veneer. Simply wrap small glass cylinders or votives with veneer paper cuffs (leave some space between the glass and the paper for safety), then fasten the ends together using clear-drying white craft glue.
The FormicaVeneers range within 'The Collection' from Formica offers 39 luxurious wood veneer laminates providing specifiers with a selection designed to fit with current interior design trends.
Bamboo limb material and exotic wood veneer combinations can also be ordered.
The exhibition will include over forty paintings and drawings, revealing the full breadth of Dunham's references, from Surrealism and '60s-era Eccentric Abstraction to cartoons and wood veneer. Oct.31-Feb.
A method and apparatus for joining two pieces of wood veneer with square cut edges by a lap joint with a pre-determined thickness not greater than the thickness of a single piece of veneer.
Solid wood furniture is easy to sand and paint, but emulsion won't adhere to shiny surfaces like fake wood veneer or the dreaded 'black ash'.
Wood veneer samples were immersed in a toluene solution containing 2 moles of PA at 100 [degrees] C for 20 minutes.