wood wool

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excelsior, wood wool

Curly, fine shavings cut from wood.
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Wood Wool UK proprietor Jonathan Pardoe said: "We like to donate to zoos when they've had a special birth; it gives us a lot of pleasure and is our way of helping endangered primates.
Sprout loves nothing more than snuggling down in her bedding, and covering herself with it, and she was very happy when she discovered the Wood Wool gift.
subject of this invitation to tender are the following services for the construction project construction of an office building altmarktgarten oberhausen: Approximately 2 100 m 2 wall plaster, Approximately 700 ceiling and stair concealed plaster, Approximately 1,200 m 2 insulation from wood wool lightweight panels, Approximately 6 800 m 2 plasterboard walls in various requirements, Approximately 700 m 2 metal suspended ceilings, Approximately 500 wooden doors1 and 2 -wings incl.
2 m 180 m 2 acoustic wall cladding made of wood wool lightweight panels 4 st fitted kitchen with appliances, Width about 2.
165 m 2 wall cladding with wood wool acoustic panels, approx.
demolition: - ceilings - mineral fiber, gk, wood wool, metal panel ceilings - about 3 000 m 2 , - walls - solid walls - approx.
intention to award services: Trockenbauarbeiten: - 1 450 m 2 non-load-bearing interior walls, - 375 m 2 inner facing shells and manhole clothing, - 1 385 m 2 drywall suspended ceilings, - 180 m 2 cladding with wood wool multi-layer panels.
5 mm gkb: 237 m 2 acoustic leak blanket gkb 12/20 / 35r: 34 m 2 revideckel 40/40 and 60/60 cm: 40 acoustic ceiling wood wool lightweight construction panel without acoustic coating: 777 m 2 acoustic pad polyester fleece: 777 m 2 acoustic underlay woodwool lightweight construction panel with acoustic coating: 1 210 m 2 acoustic underlay woodwool a2 lightweight panel with acoustic coating: 874 m 2 rev lid 60/60 cm: 1 st.
Drywall (drywall, wood wool acoustic ceilings, smooth plaster ceilings, repair blankets).
suspended ceilings made of wood wool acoustic panels in the covered outdoor area approx.