wood-framed house

timber-framed house

timber-framed house with terminology for many structural members
A house in which the major structural components were huge timber
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A pilgrimage through 36 states to stand, in a silent awe, outside a modest, wood-framed house with dusty windows and an overgrown hedge.
The hard rockers and their management team - all from Kildare and Longford - woke up their four US friends in the old wood-framed house and guided them to safety as flames and thick black plumes spread through the property.
IT was known as Spec in the Doomsday Book, an old English word meaning 'brushwood.' Now Speke is an area synonymous with a thriving airport, a thriving industrial and residential community - and a Tudor wood-framed house.
His home is 4,600 square feet of what he called "conditioned space." His propane bill is about one-quarter of what it would be in a traditional wood-framed house, $1,100 versus about $4,000 he had been spending, he noted.
As a result, SIPs are twice as strong as a wood-framed house, which is a real advantage in locations that experience tornadoes or hurricane-force winds.
A new four-car garage and exercise room addition bookends an existing 1960s wood-framed house in an established neighborhood.
They once tried to warm themselves by building a fire on a floor inside the wood-framed house. Police who responded apparently believed their mother's story that a friend was supposed to be caring for them.
These calculations show that the energy consumed in the manufacture of building materials (mining iron and coal for steel or harvesting wood for lumber) and the construction of a steel-framed house in Minneapolis was 17 percent greater than for a wood-framed house (Lippke et al.
Winner Amanda The wood-framed house with its distinctive curved roofs which Amanda built to blend into the Norfolk countryside The master bedroom overlooks the stream The state-of-the-art kitchen at Woods End Winner Amanda Huge windows overlook the landscaped grounds
"We were rocking and rolling," said Anne LaVasseur, who was on the upper floor of a two-storey, wood-framed house on the east side of the Big Island when the quake struck.
One such issue on this project was the wood-framed house. It was built on a crawl space with dirt extending down 2 feet from the floor on the back of the building.
Both systems boast R values that are comparable to a 2x6-inch, wood-framed house (R-19 in walls, R-30 in ceilings), and Northern Steel sells these products with a sustainability tag.