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excelsior, wood wool

Curly, fine shavings cut from wood.
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Wood-wool from each of the four bales for each species was used to manufacture boards of each of the three types described previously.
Orienting wood-wool strands in boards had highly significant effects on MOR (p < 0.001) and MOE (p < 0.001) as shown in Figure 2.
The manufacture of oriented WWCBs involved the deliberate placement of cement-coated wood-wool strands in 3 layers with strands on the surface of mats oriented perpendicular to those in the core.
Orientation of wood-wool strands had no effect on the nail-head pull-through property of boards.
[Figure 3 omitted] TABLE 1 Dimensions and cement capability index of radiata pine and poplar wood-wool stands used in the manufacture of WWCBs.