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The shaping of objects by means of cutting tools while the material, from which the objects are made, rotates rapidly on a lathe.
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The high-speed action of various woodturning techniques is captured in crisp detail, with bits of wood shavings spiraling out attractively, while the still photographs show off Martin's expertise with lighting and shadows.
I took two evening woodturning sessions for 10 weeks each,'' he said.
His hunt for woodturning abrasives at a reasonable cost sparked the idea for an online coated abrasives business - one that carried in stock as much product as possible.
To do woodturning you need something to spin the wood so you can cut it.
He has been involved in exploring art over his lifetime but settled into the serious pursuit of woodturning within the last 10 years.
I'm really enjoying being at college and do an evening class in woodturning as well as my apprenticeship.
Beginning woodturners receive an excellent survey covering all the basics of woodturning, from what type of lathe to buy and tools needed to accessories and which woods to use.
Make Your Own Woodworking Tools: Metalwork Techniques To Create, Customize, And Sharpen In The Workshop by carpentry and woodworking expert Mike Burton is an informative and superbly organized introduction to making, modifying, and altering woodturning and woodcarving tools.
Crafting an American Style opens students' eyes to the rich world of American craft illustrated through photography, interviews with art historians, craft industry professionals, and demonstrations by contemporary craftspeople in the fields of glassblowing, ceramics, textiles, and woodturning.
There's also chance to have a go at crafts like woodturning and willow sculpture, both enjoying a brilliant resurgence in the North East.
Woodworking by the Natural Edge Woodturning Studio will be highlighted.
The chair kits give commercial furniture shops the opportunity to make traditional Windsors with economy and speed because the complex geometry, steam bending, woodturning and boring have been completed.