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The shaping of objects by means of cutting tools while the material, from which the objects are made, rotates rapidly on a lathe.
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| Cory Spicer tries his hand at woodturning with woodman Keith Ferry, above, Ella-Mai Murdoch, top left, and youngsters, from left, Seth Bramley, Lacey Lambert, Jacob Dixon and Kane Bramley at the planting, above left 190316MGAWOODLAND_04 PETER REIMANN
The Vale of Glamorgan Woodturning Club meets every Tuesday evening at Bonvilston Reading Room.
Beginning woodturners and other artists will enjoy poring over the pages of this beautifully designed and photographed book, but the book is principally targeted to those craftspersons who are already proficient with woodturning tools and techniques and want to take their craft to the next level by planning their own designs.
"I took two evening woodturning sessions for 10 weeks each,'' he said.
"What 1 like most about wood and woodturning is...God made the tree; I just open it up to show the world how He designed the inside beauty of the tree and concealed it from the world until He allowed me to bring the inner soul of the tree from darkness to light for the world to see and enjoy."
To do woodturning you need something to spin the wood so you can cut it.
Woodturning, chopping, logging and pole climbing will also be taking place.
And wood-turner Sarah Thirlwell has adapted woodturning processes to create elegant natural timber candlesticks that incorporate leather layers reclaimed from Walsall saddleries and leather workshops.
He has been involved in exploring art over his lifetime but settled into the serious pursuit of woodturning within the last 10 years.
Dixon said he has found that the world of woodturning ranges from very utilitarian to very "high art," and that he expected to continue to have interest in both ends of the spectrum.
I'm really enjoying being at college and do an evening class in woodturning as well as my apprenticeship.
Beginning woodturners receive an excellent survey covering all the basics of woodturning, from what type of lathe to buy and tools needed to accessories and which woods to use.