woodwind instrument

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woodwind instrument:

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in music, any instrument whose tone is produced by a vibrating column of air. In the pipe organ the column of air is set into vibration by mechanical means.
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Bismillah Khan, one of India's most celebrated musicians and known for popularizing the shehnai woodwind instrument (aka the Indian oboe)--died Aug.
Rebecca won the class of Piano Solo for nine years and under, and David scooped two trophies for winning the Stringed Instrument and Woodwind Instrument 13 years and under classes.
The effect of the player's vocal tract on woodwind instrument tone.
The oboe is a conical-bore, double reed, and woodwind instrument with a characteristic sound produced by harmonic overtones within a tonal spectrum up to 7,000 Hz.
The figures are very small in the original painting and it may be difficult for readers to discern the exact features of the woodwind instrument in version A shown as illus.
If you pick up a clarinet, piccolo, oboe or flute, chances are that woodwind instrument is made from African blackwood.
The chalumeau is a woodwind instrument of the clarinet family, appearing in the 18th-century organological terminology as "vox humana".
According to the preface, the series will include works for each brass and woodwind instrument that may also be fashioned into versions for the others.
On his 23rd Blue Note record, we get to hear a lot of that Lovano tenor, but we also get to hear Lovano through all kinds of other horns: G-mezzo soprano saxophone, a Hungarian woodwind instrument called a tarogato, and a kind of double-tube soprano saxophone called an aulochrome.
Which woodwind instrument is the alto of the oboe family?