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A sequence of behavioral patterns that eventually may lead to completed mating.
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in ornithology, special behavior at the beginning of the mating period by which the male or female bird attracts an individual of the other sex and by which the birds are brought to a state of readiness for mating. Courtship is a form of animal communication and is expressed in various ways. It may involve singing, special flights, the adoption of special poses to display brightly colored plumage, the construction of false nests, or fights and “tournaments.” Courtship behavior is especially characteristic of polygamous species, for example, the black grouse. The males gather together in special areas away from the females. In the rare case of polyandry, as seen in phalaropes, the female courts the male. Among monogamous species the male courts the female.

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The broad comedy of the dance takes on a cast of pathos, just as the technically comic resolution to the subplot (presumably the marriage of the Jailer's Daughter to her old Wooer) conveys instead a wistful sadness.
Although Neely points out that the Jailer's family, the Wooer, and the Doctor all treat the Daughter with gentleness and compassion, she acknowledges the many ways in which "the ending of this story ...
Yet at the same time, Joan's ultimate denial of her wooer provided DeMille with two terrific points of tension for his quasi-historical extravaganza: her noble denial, in which she states (through intertitles): "There is room in each heart but for one love--mine is for France"; and the battle of Orleans, in which Joan must fight opposite her putative lover, who is leading the English army.
Playgoers familiar with these likely responded to the man who boasted that he would wed Katherina 'were she as rough / As are the swelling Adriatic seas' (1.2.70-1) with a host of anticipations: that this wooer should be threatening and vain, yet harmless and endearing; that he should present bravado and eccentricity that belie cowardice and reliance on parasitic assistants; that he should select a social cast-off for his bride, and undertake to school her in a discipline over which he has little mastery; that he should undergo a transformation for love, and view his beloved through a distorted lens; that his courtship should prove hurried and uncivil; and that his folly should be exposed by play's end.
TV ads and posters proclaiming a Duterte-Cayetano tandem, apparently funded by vice presidential candidate and Duterte wooer Sen.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: isomer; meow; miso; moire; moor; moose; more; morose; morrow; mower; ormer; orris; osier; romer; room; roomer; roomier; rose; rosier; rower; serow; some; sore; sorrow; sower; swore; wooer; wore; worm; wormer; wormier; WORRISOME; worse.
As Blake steps off the elevator into the lobby of his building, he finds her standing among a group of "men waiting for girls" (285), as though he is now the secretary being courted and she the philandering wooer. Blake, who "always prey[s] upon weak people" (295)--witness his choice of insecure women to bed--becomes Miss Dent's prey as he anxiously attempts to lose his "pursuer" (286) on his way to Grand Central Station and make it from there to the security of his home.
Middleton's masterstroke with respect to gender identity, however, comes with his second strike against the opacity of the cross-dressed boy actor via the pregnant Page, newly entered into the household of the widowed Duchess as a present from her would-be wooer, Lactantio.
Rumpus Theatre Company presents Captain Murderer - a Gothic chiller involving a serial wooer of a title character whose brides come to a sticky end.
Kindness of wooed and wooer Seems shame to their love pure.
There follow two images suggestive of fruitfulness and love, both of them pointing to the musical power of the singer while reinforcing her role as lover and wooer. The source of her sweet sounds is the "sugred Nest / Of her delicious soule," where, as "Musicks best seed-plot," a "Golden-headed Harvest fairely reares / His Honey- dropping tops, plow'd by her breath / Which reciprocally laboureth / In that sweet soyle" (66-73; all emphases mine).
It is a dialogue from TN between Maria and her lady's wooer, Sir Andrew, witnessed by Sir Toby, Maria's suitor, who remains a mute party until the final turn of the interaction.