word cloud

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word cloud

A group of text words that are arranged in a random order on a website. Also called a "tag cloud," the words in a word cloud are generally links to other Web pages on the site.

The Weighted List
Word clouds are often created for presentations online and offline to reflect the value of items by the word's font size. For example, a word cloud showing the cities in Pennsylvania would display Philadelphia in the largest font, while cities such as Harrisburg and Allentown would be in a smaller font.

A Home Page Word Cloud
This word cloud is rendered on the home page of ComputerLanguage.com, and the words are links to the definitions. Every time the home page is retrieved or refreshed, the order of the words changes, but because this is not a weighted list, the sizes do not change.

A Wordle Cloud
A Worldle application creates a word cloud from any list of words, and the layout, fonts and colors are user selectable. This Wordle was generated from a list of basic computer terms.
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