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Similarly, Shakespeare used more words than his contemporaries but wrote more plays, leading to a word rate close to theirs.
This 12-bit digital to analog converter (DAC), the RDA012, features a minimum word rate of 1 GS/s.
The word rate achievable with CHAT was calculated using this method at 12 to 85 words per minute, depending on the degree of simulated disability.
VVEXCITING Poet's Word rates a potential Group performer 4.15 Doncaster Sir Michael Stoute often runs one of his classier three-yearolds in the opening 1m2f handicap on Derby day at Epsom and the fact this Nottingham maiden winner was his only representative in this year's race is significant.
That passion went into abeyance as I turned into a feature writer and author, living off word rates that actually paid the bills in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
For example, in their review of repeated readings, Meyer and Felton (1999) reported desirable oral reading word rates for 2nd graders at 85 to 115 words per minute and 120 to 150 for 5th graders.
Paterson ultimately retreated to a farm in New Jersey, close to Princeton, and found few places to publish after that, ruining relationships with John Chamberlain at The Freeman over word rates and with William F.
Horton's discriminant analysis of function word rates suggesting that, although Henry VIII must be a collaboration, several scenes should be reassigned from Fletcher to Shakespeare, and Jonathan Hope's 'socio-linguistic' data concerning use of auxiliary 'do' and relative markers strongly supporting the simple binary division between the two dramatists that Spedding and Hickson originally proposed.(6)