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They wanted chiefly to be left alone; then if the man was in regular work life went easily and was not without its pleasures: there was plenty of time for gossip, after the day's work a glass of beer was very good to drink, the streets were a constant source of entertainment, if you wanted to read there was Reynolds' or The News of the World; `but there, you couldn't make out
There is growing interconnectedness around the world, in both personal and work life as well as real and virtual interactions, the study said."The 'Live Life'survey highlights the shift from work life balance to work life integration," said Manoj Adlakha, CEO, American Express Banking, India.
According to Nair, 2010 maintaining work life balance for women were found to be more challenging because they have to undertake the majority of the house hold duties along with their professional tasks.
Keywords: Work life balance, Supervisor support, Organizational support, Job value, Work motivation
"At SBWC, we are witnessing and encouraging a new generation of female entrepreneurs, who have exceptional talent, but are also aware that they have a responsibility to themselves and their families to enjoy a healthy work life balance." This, she noted, can be achieved through implementing flexible hours and making sure that a long-term strategy is in place, rather than an all-consuming initial period, where work becomes an obsession and free time is a rare luxury.
Consequently, "work-life balance" is when we try to give an equal slot of time to our personal and work life, yet work-life integration is combining the different parts of our lives without any separation.
The quality of work life (QWL) is characterized as the degree to which an employee is happy with their personal and working needs while accomplishing the objectives of the organization.
According to the ANA this is the year of the healthy nurse, and September focused on work life balance.
Economic and social well-being were ranked out of 30, work life balance was ranked out of 30, childcare was out of 30, and health was out of 10.
The paper recommends the provision of such work life balance facilities at other institutions of Pakistan so that employees can balance their lives and perform well at their workplaces.
For example, the Work Life for You (formerly InfoQuest) resource and referral service is particularly useful when an employee needs to make arrangements in another city--even from overseas--such as establishing new care arrangements for a parent.
In this research we are going to Prioritizing of factors affecting the work life balance among employees in Iranian organizations.