workers' education

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workers' education:

see vocational educationvocational education,
training designed to advance individuals' general proficiency, especially in relation to their present or future occupations. The term does not normally include training for the professions.
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In other words: Was the WEA about adult education in general or workers' education specifically?
Libraries, the study found, play "a much more important role" on workers' education committees and labor schools.
Her work throws important light on a period of transition in workers' education between the early labor colleges and summer schools and the postwar labor extension programs of the universities, where much of labor education is still carried on.
The Workers' Education Association has launched its brochure for courses it is running this autumn and winter ( and it includes a one-day special called The Search for Little Green Men.
Students with their certificates from courses at Peulwys Community House in Old Colwyn with organiser Pam Rees-Davies andLlinos Price of the Workers' Education Association
Six support workers will be seconded to undertake a Return to Learn programme delivered by the Workers' Education Association, which will include NVQ study, before moving on to three years of mental health nurse training.
Six DREAMNet participants have made purchases to date; locations include the North General Hospital, the Consortium for Workers' Education and the Central Harlem Senior Citizens' Center.
The Tolson Museum is hosting two 10-week courses, led by the Workers' Education Association, from Monday, January 11.
THE Workers' Education Association is holding a fun day from 11am to 3pm at The Kymin, Beach Hill, Penarth, on Monday, June 29.
The exhibition Marsden Past has been compiled by Marsden History Group, together with the Workers' Education Authority.
THE Workers' Education Association is offering you the chance to take part in a new singing course tonight, from 7pm to 9pm, at the Workers' Education Association building, just behind the AA building off Penarth Road in Cardiff.
The Workers' Education Association is holding the course from July 15 to 19 at Cooper's Yard, Curran Road, Cardiff.

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