working edge

work edge, face edge, working edge

In carpentry, the first edge to be planed smooth; the edge from which other edges are measured or trued.
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5" folder you'll notice the 3" cutting edge gives plenty of working edge.
This contract E5, contains a working edge zone around all 13 blocks.
When they're back, they have international experience and a working edge in Bahrain.
It comes with a "toothy" working edge, and slight variations occur, making each knife unique.
The diagnostic criteria for identifying cutting and piercing soft skin include: (1) small numbers of feathered microscars distributed in a discontinuous or rarely continuous manner along the working edge (e.
The load is transmitted by the blade of the working edge of the opening.
Snow Goose exceeds that requirement at 60 yards and is right on the working edge at 70 yards.
These small files have a working edge to cut down on the slot but a smooth face that will not work the sides of the slot.
Basically, when the blade comes down the windscreen into its resting position, Audi's new device moves the rubber edge fractionally up or down so that the working edge of the rubber isn't always the part that rests on the screen and so saves wear on one specific contact area.
Topcon provides a variety of systems that use non-contacting controlling references such as sonic devices, laser beams and OPS signals to enable automatic positioning of the working edge of the equipment.
You have to be careful to pull the crinkles out along your working edge, though, or paint will seep under it.
In earlier periods, (colonial Virginia, for instance), a small sliver of a tool steel would have been obtained and welded (by forging techniques: remember, they did not have arc or other modern welding technologies then) into the working edge of a tool.