working face

work face, face side, working face

In carpentry, the first surface to be planed smooth; the surface from which the others are measured or trued.
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Bradley looked at the fire, with a working face, and was silent for a while.
He moved shakily towards it; looked at it weakly with a working face; then moved shakily back into the dressing-room again, and sat down suddenly on one of the richly cushioned chairs.
The first working face of this coal mine is called 14101, which displays a rectangular shape.
During shallow coal mining with thick bedrock in western area in China, the overlying strata show the features of alternate instability, and the strong (weak) roof weighting on the working face often induces support crushing accidents.
The typical layout of the working face is shown in Figure la, which depicts longwall Face 5301, 844 m long and 100 m wide.
Therefore, a single default choice of monitoring method is unable to ensure the accurate recognition of the rock burst danger underlying a working face. Statistically, during the past decade's exploitation of coal seams in Muchengjian Mine, there were nearly 30 rock burst events.
In the process of protective seam mining, the released methane that comes from the protective seam and adjacent coal seam may rush into the working face, and then cause a methane overrun.
3201 working face controlled by an anticline structure is used as the research background in this paper.
When coal is extracted, the working face advances constantly and the coal masses in front of the working face experience an elastic deformation stage and a plastic deformation stage after the peak of the advanced abutment pressure vertically, in turn, which correspond to the elastic deformation area and the plastic deformation area, respectively.
* Can also include the Accu-Clamp[TM] feature which combines a non-marring clamp with a solid working face that is either fully machineable or hardened and ground