working face

work face, face side, working face

In carpentry, the first surface to be planed smooth; the surface from which the others are measured or trued.
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Bradley looked at the fire, with a working face, and was silent for a while.
3D] numerical simulation method, the characteristics of mining stress evolution, fault activation patterns, and fault energy evolution characteristics are simulated and analyzed in the process of the footwall and hanging wall working face heading to a normal fault.
Can also include the Accu-Clamp[TM] feature which combines a non-marring clamp with a solid working face that is either fully machineable or hardened and ground
In summary, a properly designed roadway section which comprehensively considered the lithology of surrounding rock, geometric characteristic of roadway section, and support technology is meaningful to the safe and high efficiency production of working face in three-soft coal seam.
There are 2 belt widths to be considered: overall belt width and the working face width (as shown in Figure as under).
The DustBoss DB-100 is engineered specifically to deliver the power to reach the working face of an open cast mine or large quarry.
the working face of the landfill), an ongoing subsurface fire, the composting area and the methane recovery plant.
The working face is self-cleaning, and excess fluids drain back into the tank.
In my new job, I will be working face to face with my clients and this is one of the things that attracted me to Market Link.
Smith vehicles were used for years to transport the miners from the shaft to the working face.
It's definitely more environmentally beneficial, There's one working face, one set of equipment instead of duplicate equipment and duplicate operations,'' said Dave Edwards, BFI project manager.
In an effort to help minimize the nobake sand weight issues, it was determined that only the cope or working face of the casting needed to be nobake.