Working load

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working load

[′wərk·iŋ ‚lōd]
The maximum load that any structural member is designed to support.

Working load

The normal dead, live, wind, and earthquake load that a structure is required to support in service. Also called the service load.


1. A force, or system of forces, carried by a structure, or a part of the structure.
2. Any device or piece of electric equipment that receives electric power.
3. The power delivered to such a device or piece of equipment.
4. The amount of heat per unit time imposed on a refrigeration system; the required rate of heat removal.
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Meadow Burke has a duty to establish a true standard of testing and bring awareness so products in the industry are clearly represented with their safe working loads in order to help customers make decisions of what a product can or cannot lift," Recker contends.
We feel the published performance, safe working load values are based on purely testing in mechanical means, shearing the pin itself, not by the proper means of evaluating with the concrete surrounding it," he says.
44 Special, my everyday working loads are assembled around 250-260 gr.
All of these fall into the parameters I set for my everyday working loads.