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world soul,

Lat. anima mundi, in philosophy, term denoting a universal spirit or soul that functions as an organizing principle. While many early Greek philosophers saw the world as of one principle, Plato was the first to state that this concept held the same relation to the world as the human soul did to the body. Friedrich Wilhelm Josef von Schelling used the term as a unifying principle, coordinating the organic and the inorganic in life. World soul is prominent in Asian philosophy. Hinduism is a religion whose theoretical basis is a world soul, called Brahman (see UpanishadsUpanishads
, speculative and mystical scriptures of Hinduism, regarded as the wellspring of Hindu religious and speculative thought. The Upanishads, which form the last section of the literature of the Veda, were composed beginning c.900 B.C.
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; VedantaVedanta
, one of the six classical systems of Indian philosophy. The term "Vedanta" has the literal meaning "the end of the Veda" and refers both to the teaching of the Upanishads, which constitute the last section of the Veda, and to the knowledge of its ultimate meaning.
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From the reflective recuperation of the Actual Soul, I derive Self-Actualization; from the reflective recuperation of the World Soul, I derive Art; and from the reflective recuperation of the Natural Soul, I derive Religion.
Against David Sedley's view he suggests that the cosmic world soul, the demiurge, and Nous all mirror the divided line of the Republic, where the Good rules all forms of knowledge.
While most readers of the Timaeus, both Ancient and modern, have been and are puzzled by the exact relationship between Being, Demiurge, World Soul, and receptacle, the Stoics displayed an explanatory parsimony and posited two principles for the universe's structure: the active principle, or God, versus a passive one, or matter.
This is a most modern paradigm and also most ancient, the world soul traversed by angelic and elemental spirits, its aspect at once novel and deeply familiar.
After infusing the whole universe with the World Soul that gave it the power of life and motion, the Creator then took the remnants of the World Soul, cut it into pieces and placed them in the stars, where it could contemplate the eternal ideas that lay above the stars.
His first collection of poems, the cycle Stikhi o prekrasnoy dame (1904; "Verses About the Lady Beautiful"), portrays his initial phase of Platonic idealism, personifying divine wisdom (Greek sophia) as the feminine world soul.
Carone's strategy is to work through each text patiently and then eventually to assimilate them to a single cosmological picture of the cosmos as an interplay of several features, nous and ananke, a cosmic teleology, the presence of the world soul in nature, and the identity of the cosmos with the divine.
Sallis addresses a number of important issues worthy of a detailed analysis, including the making of the world soul (pp.
33) For Bruno's universe was based on the idea of a homogeneous material substance of infinite dimensions in which constantly changing bodies assume fleeting forms through the agency of a world soul.
The soul is not in the body, but this body is part of a larger world soul.
Here the complex relations between Soul, World Soul, and Individual Soul are examined.
Spirituality of place involves "paying attention to the soul of the world, asking the world soul what it wants to be .

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