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world soul,

Lat. anima mundi, in philosophy, term denoting a universal spirit or soul that functions as an organizing principle. While many early Greek philosophers saw the world as of one principle, Plato was the first to state that this concept held the same relation to the world as the human soul did to the body. Friedrich Wilhelm Josef von Schelling used the term as a unifying principle, coordinating the organic and the inorganic in life. World soul is prominent in Asian philosophy. Hinduism is a religion whose theoretical basis is a world soul, called Brahman (see UpanishadsUpanishads
, speculative and mystical scriptures of Hinduism, regarded as the wellspring of Hindu religious and speculative thought. The Upanishads, which form the last section of the literature of the Veda, were composed beginning c.900 B.C.
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; VedantaVedanta
, one of the six classical systems of Indian philosophy. The term "Vedanta" has the literal meaning "the end of the Veda" and refers both to the teaching of the Upanishads, which constitute the last section of the Veda, and to the knowledge of its ultimate meaning.
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From the reflective recuperation of the Actual Soul, I derive Self-Actualization; from the reflective recuperation of the World Soul, I derive Art; and from the reflective recuperation of the Natural Soul, I derive Religion.
Against David Sedley's view he suggests that the cosmic world soul, the demiurge, and Nous all mirror the divided line of the Republic, where the Good rules all forms of knowledge.
For the Luna shows, she will bring a full band to perform what she has named "world soul." The mostly Portland-based band features James Travers on drums, Justin Durrie on bass drummer and Ron Wooten on keyboard.
Camgati herself reveals that she is aware that she has sketched the development from the world soul to Beatrice "a linee sicuramente troppo grandi" (89).
For example, Ficino contended that all sublunar bodies are formed by spiritus and seminal reasons that come from the world soul; for Georg Agricola, the efficient cause of minerals was linked to a seminal power; Paracelsus connected seeds not only to natural bodies and the elements, but also to the word of God; according to Jean-Baptiste Van Helmont, seeds are the containers of the final causes of natural bodies.
What more gruesome testimony could there be to the depths that American democracy has sunk--to be called out and bested by the likes of a withered, cunning, and morally superior old world soul like Jacobi?
There is growing evidence that the supreme task of the leadership in education has been to develop ideals and initiatives necessary for the creative expression of the world soul and enable people to become world citizens.
The Hindus have a vast array of gods, but ultimately all is Brahman, the "World Soul" Presumably, Franklin (according to Walters) cared not what God is called.
Plutarch's criticism would have no justification whatsoever, if Posidonius did not genuinely believe that the World Soul in its corporeality contains matter.
This is a most modern paradigm and also most ancient, the world soul traversed by angelic and elemental spirits, its aspect at once novel and deeply familiar.
After infusing the whole universe with the World Soul that gave it the power of life and motion, the Creator then took the remnants of the World Soul, cut it into pieces and placed them in the stars, where it could contemplate the eternal ideas that lay above the stars.

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