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If the paint has worn down to bare metal, you can slip even if the plates are clean.
Erosion may have worn down the ancient continents and carried this rock into the oceans.
Craters larger than 20 km are usually deeper than 4 km, however, which implies that even if the entire continent is worn down, these structures will remain.
But Rigby says he has many pieces of evidence -- such as dinosaur teeth with sharp edges that would have been worn down by extensive reworking -- that support Paleocene origins.
Instead of visiting worlds worn down by war and resistance, audiences would be drinking in opulent cities and lavish royal courts.
He started out impressively the first couple days, then barely received any snaps in practice after becoming physically worn down.
But with many conservatives - both inside and outside Hollywood - who seek acceptance or a venue, patience has worn down to the nub.
We'll come in fresh when the defense is worn down, so you gain more yards anyway.
Cornerbacks Eric Wright and Justin Wyatt also are physically worn down because of an increased workload with starters Kevin Arbet and Ronald Nunn alternately sidelined with sore hamstrings.
Fatigue sets in: After nine days and 11 practices, fatigue and minor injuries have caused more than a dozen players to miss parts or all of drills, and others seem worn down.
People'' is trying to say something about corruption in and of the big city, and it wants us to commiserate with a particular cog in that ethical grinder who's been worn down past his nub.
Klipfel has responded to most of the 100 e-mails of congratulations he received, and his team's excitement has finally worn down.