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(Obsolete) Words per second (mostly used for Telex and TWX transmission).
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(1) See WPS Office, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, Windows Printing System and Workplace Shell.

(2) (Windows PowerShell) See PowerShell.
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WPS Health Solutions plans to fill upward of 100 more claims processing and management positions in West Frankfort, because of the company's new expanded role in supporting TriWest Healthcare Alliance as it administers two programs for the U.S.
Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has introduced an online automated solution for the Wages Protection System (WPS) to bring further convenience and enhance banking experience for its corporate and small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients.
Mike Hamerlik, the firm's CEO, said, 'This is a very difficult process for WPS and its employees, but it is real and necessary.
CBI was one of the first banks to be certified by the Central Bank of UAE as 'WPS-ready' and has already started processing salaries through WPS in collaboration with its business partner C3, a leader in Electronic Payroll Solutions.
In addition to a capital package, the partnership will provide the WPS group with access to Parthenon's strategic and operating experience.
"Right from the beginning of our talks with the city, WPS was impressed by the positive reception and outstanding cooperation from the community.
'Raqmiyat WPS Connect' provides an interface for banks and exchange houses to connect to the Central Bank's WPS system based on stipulated file formats.
Raqmiyat, a leading UAE-based systems integrator, has announced the launch of 'Raqmiyat - WPS Connect', a new solution designed to work with the UAE Central Bank's 'Wages Protection System', which is an initiative by the Ministry of Labour along with the Central Bank of UAE.