wraparound frame

keyed-in frame

A door frame erected with wall materials forced behind the frame back-band; the wall thickness is equal to or greater than the opening between the backbands, but is not wider than the jamb depth.
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The lightweight, wraparound frame design of Howard Leight UVEX HYPERSHOCK shooting glasses offers high-impact, scratch-resistant protection with streamlined padded temples and a molded nosepiece for a secure, comfortable fit.
A wraparound frame is designed to provide maximum accessibility.
The full assembly is housed within a steel wraparound frame, including the 7.4 gal.
The wraparound frame has side panels for peripheral vision and is available in three styles: tortoise, black and Realtree camo.
The unit's wraparound frame is designed to provide maximum accessibility.
The wraparound frames provide maximum visibility and protection, with anti-slip components and flexible hinges to ensure comfort for the wearer.
Wear sunglasses Choose wraparound frames that fit closely to the face and stop pollen entering the eyes.
GO FOR smaller oval and rounded shapes to help balance the narrow jaw against the wider forehead AVOID wraparound frames, they'll make your forehead appear wider
The latter is reflected in its James Bond-like naming system--Jeep Action 005, 006, etc.--as well as the dashing wraparound frames with steel temples covered in slip-proof rubber and extended sides that block the sun both peripherally and from above, yet allow cooling breezes in through a series of oval slits.
The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends selecting protective sunglasses with wraparound frames that block at least 99 percent of all UV rays.
For example, understanding how to prescribe lenses in sports and wraparound frames will be tackled head on by Tanya Storey, while Wendy Sethi will also be looking at issues relating to patient compliance.