writing system

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writing system

(human language, character)
The set of glyphs used for representing a given human language in written form, generally along with their conventions for use.
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Writing System


the aggregate of the means of written communication, which include the graphic system, alphabet, and orthography of a single language or of a group of languages having a single form of writing or a single alphabet. In this sense, one can speak of Russian, English, Arabic, and other writing systems. Each writing system possesses its own system of graphemes used in various graphic combinations and in ortho-grams. These elements can be utilized for stylistic purposes or to emphasize parts of an utterance. A writing system must be distinguished from a written language, which is not simply speech recorded in writing but usually has specific lexical, semantic, and grammatical features distinguishing it from the spoken language.

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"There is a need to promote, protect, preserve and conserve the Philippines' indigenous or traditional writing systems, using these as tools for cultural development, to create a consciousness of, and respect and pride for the legacies of Filipino cultural heritage and our authentic identity," Bataoil said.
Pangilinan, however, saysPampanga should retain its own indigenous writing system.
In the light of inscribed Indus script, variant Indus script and symbolic words, phrases and lines or characters of early Brahmi, Pali and Kharosthi engraved on rocks, it is believed that these ancient inscriptions or ancient writing systems were carved from the Bronze Age and early Iron Age to the medieval period.
President Nazarbayev has announced that the new writing system will use the Latin script as in German, English and French.
"The new writing system is also shown to be easier to learn and faster to memorize, and that's because the new writing system follows a certain pattern that helps saves time and effort for people with visual impairments."
'Do they really think that after imposing a national language (Tagalog) on the rest of the regions, which already have their own languages, they can now also impose a national writing system on those same regions, which also already have their own indigenous writing systems?' Tantingco said.
'Although Chinese language also has nothing in common with Khmer, it is a very good example of how a nation Romanises its language while retaining the original writing system,' Sovichea says.
Many in Taiwanese society view the zhuyin system through a cultural or political lens, and consider it a mark of tradition that Taiwan has maintained the phonetic writing system originally developed for the instruction of Chinese in the early 1900s.
In a statement from (http://news.yale.edu/2017/06/20/yale-archaeologists-discover-earliest-monumental-egyptian-hieroglyphs) Yale University , which worked with the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels, researcher John Coleman Darnell refers to the symbols as "formative stages of the hieroglyphic script." Because they are early representations of the written language from across a few centuries, they show "how the ancient Egyptians invented their unique writing system."
Ajman: The Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) has announced the launch of an Ajman Visitors' Guide in Braille, the tactile writing system used by the blind and visually impaired.
Bahrain: A Bahraini teacher with a good command of Braille hopes more teachers would learn the writing system for better communication with visually-impaired students.