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1. a drawing to scale of a horizontal section through a building taken at a given level; a view from above an object or an area in orthographic projection
2. (in perspective drawing) any of several imaginary planes perpendicular to the line of vision and between the eye and object depicted


A two-dimensional graphic representation of the design and dimensions of the project, or parts thereof, viewed in a horizontal plane from above.



a word with various meanings in Russian, including the following.

(1) In cartography, a drawing using conventional symbols that represents on a plane a part of the earth’s surface; the scale is 1:10,000 or larger.

(2) In architecture and other fields, a horizontal cross section or top view of a building or object.

(3) In descriptive geometry, a horizontal projection.

(4) A predetermined order or sequence of carrying out a program, work project, or measure—for example, an economic plan, production plan, strategic plan, or curriclum.

(5) The scheme, design, or basic features of a written or oral work or presentation—for example, a lecture plan or the plot of a play.

(6) The way in which something is viewed, constructed, or approached—a plane or level. Examples include the phrases “on the theoretical plane” and on “on two levels.”

(7) Ground, the relative position of objects in a pictorial representation—for example, foreground, middle ground, and background; the relative dimensions of objects in a pictorial representation—for example, the word appears in the Russian terms for “close-up” and “long shot” in cinematography.



in architecture. (1) A graphic representation on a definite scale of a horizontal view of a building (or one of its floors or internal areas), a group of buildings, or a populated area as a whole or in part. Depending on its purpose, the plan may show the design of walls and supports, the arrangement of furniture, the arrangement of equipment and the layout of technological processes in industrial structures, and urban green belts and transportation networks. The plan usually characterizes the shape and configuration of a structure.

(2) A representation of the arrangement of the principal parts of a building at ground level or on different levels for multistory buildings and for groups of buildings on sloping sites.


(graphic arts)
An orthographic drawing on a horizontal plane, as of an instrument, a horizontal section, or a layout.
A large-scale map or chart of a small area.


1. A two-dimensional graphic representation of the design, horizontal dimensions of a building, and location, as seen in a horizontal plane viewed from above, in contrast to a graphical representation representing a vertical plane (such as a section, 2 or an elevation, 1). See center-hall plan, city plan, cruciform plan, community plan, floor plan, four-square plan, gable-front-and-wing plan, gable-front plan, Georgian plan, ground plan, hall-and-parlor plan, hall-house plan, H-plan, linear plan, L-plan, one-room plan,


Programming LANguage Nineteen hundred.

The assembly language for ICL 1900 series computers.
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Most studies of asthma self-management do not permit retrospective isolation of the independent effects of a written action plan or peak flow meter use.
We report on a systematic review that attempts to isolate the independent effect of a written action plan on asthma outcomes.
Compared with a written action plan based on symptoms, does a written action plan based on peak flow monitoring improve outcomes?
Relevant comparisons included a written action plan and no written action plan; a written action plan based on peak flow readings and a written action plan based on symptoms.
The studies thus selected satisfied 4 criteria: 1) randomization of patients; (2) delivery of the same interventions to experimental and control groups, except that the experimental group also received a written action plan; (3) delivery of the same interventions to experimental and control groups, except that one group received a written action plan based on peak flow meter readings, and the comparison group received a written action plan based on symptom monitoring; and 4) inclusion of a written action plan that met our specified definition.
A written action plan, by our definition, had two components: an algorithm that identified specific clinical indicators signaling the need for adjustments in medication; and specific instructions on how to adjust medications in response to such indicators.
Some extensive programs developed in Europe may be impractical for the US health delivery system, but the use of a written action plan extending office visits by 3 to 5 minutes has improved patients' understanding of, and reduced anxiety about, managing their disease.
The written action plans provided a simple but concrete mechanism for monitoring successes in meeting goals and objectives in each of the sections.
Following the introduction of the safety teams and written action plans the feeling was expressed by some members of staff that they now felt able to tackle issues that had needed addressing for the previous year or more.
The written action plans provided a clear focus for the members of the safety committee as well as for the committee as a whole.
Other proven promoters of education and adherence include simplified treatment regimens, the prescription of treatments and medications in vehicles preferred by the patient and caregivers, and written action plans and referrals for educational resources and patient support networks.
Fleischer AB Jr: Written action plans should be comprehensive and evidence-based.