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In his latest exhibition, "The Provider," Middlebrook looked to redeem and reclaim the natural world by examining the wrongheaded ways in which human beings relate to it.
But he was man enough to admit it his approach was wrongheaded and he emerges a tad poorer but with no stain on his character.
``I think that's seriously wrongheaded and counterproductive.
But public companies, long accustomed to turning aside what they deemed as frivolous or wrongheaded resolutions put forth by shareholders, still frequently dig in their heels when challenged in proxy contests--whose results ordinarily are non-binding, anyway.
Just when you think he's absolutely wrongheaded, he presents arguments that prove he's right.
I feel strongly that banning tin-lead solder in avionics or any safety-related electronics is decidedly wrongheaded.
He is also wrongheaded in his evaluation of the "present state of Galileo studies" when he asserts that works by giants such as Duhem, Maier (whose name is misspelled), and Dijksterhuis "had no substantial impact on the specialized scholarly literature" (4).
This reality suggests that a foundry sales effort focused on volume growth is wrongheaded. The impact of this wrongheaded approach is manifest as the head on, pitched battles between undifferentiated competitors for market share.
The real culprit--whether motivated by Progressives' wrongheaded critique of individualism or by a misguided egalitarianism that refused to pass moral judgment on the poor--was the "conscious de-emphasis of the capacity of the poor themselves to improve their situation in meaningful ways." (p.
(The only glimpses his book provides of either come in three slight accounts of visits to America and one on Jacques Soustelle, the shady ethnologist-politician who was Governor-General of Algeria under De Gaulle-and almost everything he has to say about them is negative.) But he's practically obsessed with hypocritical, wrongheaded Third-World revolutionaries.
Common Sense, a "nuts-and-bolts guy" telling it "straight" with no spin, but strip off the thin veneer of gruff frankness that gives the semblance of logic and you have wrongheaded idiocy.
It is time to drop the outdated, divisive, and purely wrongheaded rhetoric about public forests.