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x-y matrix

A group of rows and columns. The x-axis is the horizontal row, and the y-axis is the vertical column. An x-y matrix is the reference framework for two-dimensional structures, such as mathematical tables, display screens, digitizer tablets, dot matrix printers and 2D graphics images.

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i. The longitudinal axis of an aircraft around which the aircraft rolls and banks. Also called a rolling axis.
ii. The horizontal axis in a system of rectangular coordinates. The line on which distances to the right or the left (east or west) of the reference line are marked, especially on a map, chart, or graph.
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The thrust and torque of both X-axis motors converge to provide twice the thrust of a single motor in the Z-axis while the absence of a motor in the Z-axis eliminates the need for cable tracks and expensive, flexible cable" says Ed Long, IntelliAxis[TM] product manager.
Refer to the new x-axis values as [x.sub.2]- axis values.
The vibration periods [T.sup.wo.sub.xj] and [T.sup.wo.sub.yj], i = 1, 2, are the results of the specimen without water, corresponding to the first two modes along x-axis and y-axis, respectively.
In the application of this coordinate system during the presigmoid approach, we recommended that the X-axis and Y-axis should be outlined and the site of the ASTS should be marked on the scalp according to the data shown in [Table 1] before disinfection and draping of the operation area.
The geomagnetic field is taken to be F = 5 x [10.sup.4] nT, with dip angle I = [pi]/4 and the angle from the magnetic north to the x-axis is [eta] = [pi]/18.
Starting at the left end of the x-axis, place 21 short pieces of tape on the string.
All base frame designs have extra available stroke in the X-axis to accommodate full coverage of optional 32mm boring units.
Common errors included inferring the relative value of the mean according to the center of the x-axis rather than the center of the distribution of data, identifying histograms with greater heights as those having the greater standard deviations, and interpreting skewness as a shift of the center of the distribution along the x-axis rather than an asymmetry of the distribution.
The images fit onto graphs with an x-axis and a y-axis, where each point on the graph is given by two numbers, or coordinates.
Historically, Arthur notes, evolution has been envisioned primarily along either an x-axis or a y-axis.
(Hint: The "day" will go on the x-axis, and the water amount will go on the y-axis.)
We begin with a blank x-y chart where complexity increases along the vertical y-axis and goodness along the horizontal x-axis. Goodness is a general term that means slightly different things depending on the application and context.