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, x-ray
a. electromagnetic radiation emitted when matter is bombarded with fast electrons. X-rays have wavelengths shorter than that of ultraviolet radiation, that is less than about 1 × 10--8 metres. They extend to indefinitely short wavelengths, but below about 1 × 10--11 metres they are often called gamma radiation
b. (as modifier): X-ray astronomy
2. a picture produced by exposing photographic film to X-rays: used in medicine as a diagnostic aid as parts of the body, such as bones, absorb X-rays and so appear as opaque areas on the picture
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What does it mean when you dream about an X-ray?

Being X-rayed in a dream may signal wanting to see through a situation or the intentions of someone who is emotionally significant in one’s life.

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Dreaming about getting an X-ray or looking at an x-ray may not have anything to do with health matters. This dream suggests that you are ready to look beneath the surface of a current situation or problem. X-rays require focused energy and your dream may be a reflection on the energy that you already possess. This energy will assist you in gaining insight and awareness or help you with problem solving. Old dream interpretation books say that dreaming of X-rays is a dream of the contrary. That is, you will be released from your worries and enjoy good health.
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Thanks to aTwitteruser kindly bringing the Pigg-O-Matt to more widespread attention, scores of social media users have been tickled pink by the images of disgruntled babies being x-rayed.
Not only outpatient department visitors, those admitted to the hospital are being X-rayed at private labs.
At the Medicare (private) clinic I was x-rayed, my finger re-located, x-rayed again to check that it was correctly located and discharged all within an hour.
r n Medics finally X-rayed the correct part of her leg nine days later when her knee began to swell up.
My wife drove me to A & E, I was dealt with after a small delay, cleaned up, stitched up, bandaged, X-rayed and looked after wonderfully by the gentle and caring staff.
She was taken to hospital by ambulance where she was X-rayed and operated on within 36 hours.
The suspects were taken to Lady Reading Hospital and x-rayed and the presence of heroin filled capsules in their stomach was confirmed.
Medics X-rayed the arm and found the youngster had chipped a bone.
Realised by advertising agency Butter, based in Duesseldorf, Germany, the calendar shows 12 models u except that the images are of their X-rayed skeletal structures.
FOUR hospital patients were X-rayed in error because of mistaken identity, it has been revealed.
FOUR hospital patients in were X-rayed in error because of mistaken identities, it has been revealed.
The contents of the bag were discovered in the Helsinki Vantaa airport when the Estonian's bag was x-rayed. The man was traveling from Hong Kong to Finland and was heading onwards to Tallinn.