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(file format)
X11 Pixmap.

A pixmap image file format for the X Window System.
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(1) (XP Mode) See Windows XP Mode.

(2) The file extension used by an X Pixelmap image. See X Pixelmap.
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Region I shows a higher standard deviation due to the contribution of an additional effect--we assume cross-phase modulation (XPM, see text).
Digital Date Market Algorithm Total Currency Founded Capitalization Coins (USD) (*) 1 Bitcoin (BTC) January 2009 3,526,550,721 SHA-256 21 Million 2 Freicoin (FRC) February 70,072 SHA-256 100 2011 Million 3 Namecoin April 2011 4,727,814 SHA-256 21 (NMC) Million 4 Litecoin (LTC) October 2011 64,206,724 "SCRYPT" 82 Million 5 Peercoin (PPC) August 2012 7,489,023 SHA-256 No Limit 6 Primecoin July 239,271 "SCRYPT" (**) (XPM) 2013 7 Dogecoin December 111,327 "SCRYPT" 100 (DOGE) 2013 Billion 8 Auroracoin February 54,257 "SCRYPT" 21 (AUR) 2014 Million No.
This mismatch occurred because at lower pumping powers SPM and XPM had less impact on the pump and the amplified signal.
The main impairments suffered by optical PDM systems are due to cross-phase modulation (XPM) [9] and polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) [10].
Moreover, the phase-matching among the interacting waves is required in the FWM process, which is achieved when the mismatch in the propagation constants of the pump, signal, and idler waves is compensated by the phase shift due to SPM and XPM, such that [DELTA]k = [DELTA][beta] + 2[[gamma].sub.p] [P.sub.pump] = 0.
The four industry quiz nights will be held on 24, 27 November and 1, 4 December 2013 and the Grand Finale will be held on 10 December 2013 live at Al li Mall in the Seef District at xPM each night.
The metallic designs provide high system pressure capability, 25bar on the standard T Mag M metallic series, 150bar for high system pressure versions of the T Mag M series and up to 1500bar for the T Mag XPM designs.
In this manner, input signals can properly modify the nonlinear optical properties of the respective QD-SOAs and induce through XPM a phase difference between the two arms of the MZI.
BUILDBASE BEES V 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SELCO BRUMMIES Brandon, xpm K Kasprzak A Summers G Zengota A Roynon S Nicholls Mi Szczepaniak M Szczepaniak C Harris J Doyle R/R D King J Auty B Barker M Smolinski N Covatti
-Cross-Phase Modulation (XPM)--the effect where a wave of the light can be changed by the phase of another wave of the light with different wavelengths.
So while the Oak Creek, WI, factory, for example, has three common SMT lines (although the equipment set was all over the map: DEK screen printers; Juki, Universal and Fuji placement machines; Heller 1800 EXL and Vitronics-Soltec XPM (2) reflow ovens, and an Electrovert Aquastorm 200 for cleaning) located in the center of the 90,000 sq.