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see ayahuascaayahuasca
or yagé,
drink made by boiling various South American plants, used for centuries by shamans of traditional societies in the Amazon region in religious and healing ceremonies.
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A post-mortem examination in the UK confirmed the cause of death as yage and scopolamine intoxication.
Referring first to Ginsberg's experiments with "laughing gas" (nitrous oxide), then to the yage experience, Welch sums up the lesson of the roshi: "What actually exists is a void, such as you saw, gassed and laughing: or the gong-purity round inside of skull seen in Andean (and I'm sure) scary wilderness" (Remain 1: 219).
One Amazonian sunrise, after an all-night yage (ayahuasca) ceremony with a Peruvian shaman, he went down to the river to bathe.
We thank the Ministerio de Salud del Peru, the Direccion General de Salud de las Personas through the Estrategia Sanitaria Nacional de Prevencion y Control de Enfermedades Metaxenicas y Otras Transmitidas por Vectores, the Direccion General de Salud Ambiental, the Gobierno Regional de Arequipa, the Gerencia Regional de Salud de Arequipa, the Red de Salud Arequipa Caylloma, the Pan American Health Organization, the Canadian International Development Agency, and the Gobierno Regional de Arequipa for organizing and conducting the Chagas disease control campaign in Arequipa; and Sebastien Gourbiere, Yage Wu, Daniel Rivera Lana, Karthik Sethuraman, and Dylan Tracy for providing editing suggestions for the manuscript.
Such was the case with Banisteriopsis caapi, a vine known locally as yage, which, when combined with other ingredients, produces ayahuasca, a potent hallucinogen with anti-inflammatory properties.
The collection opens with an epigraph from Angel Dominguez depicting a mythic species ofjaguars as "keepers of the cosmos" under the influence of the psychedelic vine Yage. Dominguez's jaguars, "eyes wide seeing ...
Guillermo Mavisoy says it is common to vomit and become ill while consuming yage. But he says he has never seen anyone die during the decades he has been serving the herbal concoction made from the namesake vine and other plants native to the Amazon rainforest.
The ritual he joined in uses a local drug known as yage. Local sources said he twice took the herbal mix, which causes hallucinations and vomiting.
Henry Miller, 19, had ventured into a remote area of the Colombian rainforest with other backpackers to take part in a shaman ceremony which involves drinking a herbal mix known as "yage" made from local trees.