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These conditions had to be set at the beginning of the simulation process of Yagi antenna.
In Yagi antenna the radiation characterstics of diapole part is attached with the diapole antenna.
For our research, a compact structure is preferred, and the bidirectional Yagi antenna structure is adopted for the following design.
Ling, "Design of electrically small, pattern reconfigurable Yagi antenna," Electron.
A modified printed Yagi antenna with a simplified feeding mechanism is presented in this work.
The Yagi antenna, named after the late Hidetsugu Yagi who invented it in 1926 together with his colleagues, is now used as a television antenna.
As if these weren't enough, there are also a 6-foot-wide radio-telescope dish in the yard and a Yagi antenna on the roof dedicated to Jupiter observations.
Balkenbush and Hallett (1988) used a retractable antenna but did not describe the way in which the single yagi antenna was stored for protection.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 27, 2017-PCTEL MIMO Yagi antenna supports SCADA networks
Since the driver is folded, the spacing between the driver and directors is reduced in comparison with a conventional Yagi antenna.
A frequency and pattern reconfigurable Yagi antenna consisting of a PIN diode at the arms of the driver element with three switchable frequencies at 1.