yarn count

carpet face weight

The weight of carpet pile; in the US usually expressed in ounces per square yard of pile.
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Total transparency and accuracy in yarn count is regarded as one of the most crucial quality parameter for yarn trading and yarn processing.
The goal of this study is to analyze the impact of yarn count and polyester/cotton (P/C) blend ratios on thermo-physiological comfort of the knitted fabric.
FAISALABAD -- The prices of all the leading cotton yarn count including 28 single count,30 single count, 40 single count, 52 single count and 80 single count, has gone up by Rs 50-60 per single count here on Wednesday in Faisalabad Yarn Market, a leading cotton yarn market of the country.
And she knows very little about various yarn fibers, dyes, yarn count, face weight, point count, knot count, etc.
A range of yarn count was studied with 100% cotton and blend ratios of CP (98:2) and(98:5).
Yarn lea-strength was determined with the help of yarn strength tester, while yarn count was determined by using skein method.
The statistical analysis of variance and comparison of individual means for yarn count are given.
Figure 5, shows that the yarn count (TEX) and diameter were proportional to the take up velocity.
The main factor is position of cam length but there are some other factors which affect the stitch length such as knit design, position of cam length, yarn count, yarn components, machine gauge, machine sequencing, kind of needle, humidification, yarn resiliency, stitch mechanism and production speed.
buyers for higher yarn count sheets -- 1,000 instead of 600.
968 (M) kgs based on average yarn count of Ne 20/1.
Lewin shirts come in three qualities of fabric - 100 (referring to the yarn count of the cotton).