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in aviation: see airplaneairplane,
or aircraft,
heavier-than-air vehicle, mechanically driven and fitted with fixed wings that support it in flight through the dynamic action of the air.
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; airfoilairfoil,
surface designed to develop a desired force by reaction with a fluid, especially air, that is flowing across the surface. For example, the fixed wing surfaces of an airplane produce lift, which opposes gravity.
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small angular deviations, relative to the vertical axis, from the course of, for example, an aircraft, a ship, or a motor vehicle; these deviations can occur alternately toward either side. For stability of motion to be preserved, these oscillations must be damped rapidly enough so that they do not interfere with control. If the oscillations damp slowly, damping devices are used.

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The rotational or oscillatory movement of a ship, aircraft, rocket, or the like about a vertical axis. Also known as yawing.
The amount of this movement, that is, the angle of yaw.
To rotate or oscillate about a vertical axis.
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Rotated coordinate system superimposed on photo print.
i. The rotation of an aircraft or a missile about its vertical axis so as to cause its longitudinal axis to deviate from the flight line or heading in its horizontal plane. Also known as yawing.
ii. To rotate or oscillate about a vertical axis.
iii. The rotation of a camera or a photograph coordinate system about either the photograph's z-axis or the exterior's z-axis.
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1. the angular movement of an aircraft, missile, etc., about its vertical axis
2. the deviation of a vessel from a straight course
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Movements of an object that are measured as angles. Pitch is up and down like a box lid. Yaw is left and right like a door on hinges, and roll is rotation.
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One of the times we can expect to need to control yaw is when turning.
Yaw rate is also associated with lateral acceleration: [psi] = (transverse acceleration) / (vehicle velocity).
where [??] is the yaw rate of vehicle and [T.sub.r] is the distance between the rear wheels.
The coordinate transformation from navigation frame to body fixed frame is based on the three angles, namely, pitch, roll, and yaw, denoted by the symbols [theta], [phi], and [psi].
The yaw rate of the chassis and the slip ratio of each wheel are obtained.
Yaw said Nippon Paint is also working with relevant parties to come up with an anti-mosquito wall paint to combat dengue, a growing problem worldwide.
The angle of yaw of the trunk was determined as the angle between the projection onto the XZ plane of the position vector (v) of the midpoint of the shoulders with respect to the midpoint of the hips and the X axis.
The new Butler National rate gyro sensor solution uses an upgraded solid-state technology and provides a noticeable improvement in yaw damper operation compared to many of the old and tired oil-filled rate gyros.