yaw stability

directional stability

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The stability that concerns yawing about the normal, or vertical, axis. An aircraft is directionally stable if when it is temporarily deflected from its course, it tends to return to the original course without any correction applied by the pilot. Also called weathercock stability or yaw stability.
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In [6], by combining active steering and differential braking, a controller was designed to achieve yaw stability and rollover avoidance.
Several authors have adopted robust controller design for yaw stability control in an independently driven electric vehicle.
The empennage consists of two large carbon fiber surfaces in a V-tail configuration, along with two ventral fins that have attach points for the aircraft's yaw stability augmentation system (Yaw SAS) flight surfaces.
Owing to their large sizes and inertia, and high mass center, heavy commercial vehicles exhibit relatively lower roll and yaw stability limits compared with other road vehicles, and thereby pose greater risks of property damages and fatalities due to their disproportionally higher inertia.
Integrated chassis control of active front steering and yaw stability control based on improved inverse nyquist array method.
proposed optimal linear quadratic control algorithm to improve the yaw stability of a tractor semitrailer using active semitrailer steering [28].
The effect of the vehicle forward speed on the yaw stability of the CT system is clearly illustrated by the trajectories of [[beta].sub.c] - d[[beta].sub.c]/dt and [[beta].sub.t] - d[[beta].sub.t]/dt.
For instance, Yang [11] puts forward a hierarchical integrated control strategy for 4WID/4WIS electric vehicle yaw stability which is integrated RBS DYC AFS/ARS ABS/TCS effectively.
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On the 7 January Flight revealed that Eve had had issues with yaw when taxiing and take-off during its 21 December 2008 maiden flight and commented that the prototype "maye have to have its rudder and yaw stability improved".