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What does it mean when you dream about yawning?

Yawning in a dream can represent the things we typically association with yawning, such as boredom or tiredness. It can also refer to our attempt to say something.

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Losing coach Pineda offered his congratulations to the winners and said: "They deserved the win since they played with focus and dedication." While the FAEC-Khobar was little more than a yawner the Falcons and Jakals set the stadium alight with pulsating action on the hardwood floor.
So let me get this straight: the team with the best win-loss record - and the highest national ranking - in the Pac-12 Conference is sitting on the sidelines while Stanford and UCLA get a re-do of their yawner game this week?
Talk of constitutional theory might be a yawner to many Americans, but it shouldn't be.
NASA has seen budgets grow and shrink, personnel hired and laid off, and its efforts sometimes viewed as awe-inspiring, other times as a yawner. Through the decades, the credit union, now known as NASA Federal Credit Union, has kept pace with member needs.
HIPAA Compliance - This issue is the sleeper of the century - a real yawner. As boring as it sounds - improved cash flow as accounts receivable days go down; real-time eligibility, lower collection costs, reductions in FTEs in finance (billing and coding); real-time referral authorizations; lower paper, postage and fax costs, improved CRM - it is the single most important piece of health care legislation since Medicare was passed in the 1960s!
Theory one is that yawning is a fixed action pattern that may be set off by the stimulus of seeing someone else yawn; theory two, sometimes known as the 'chameleon effect', is that contagious yawning is caused by an unconscious tendency to mimic the mannerisms of a companion; theory three is that it is caused by a feeling of empathy towards the other yawner.
The speech, in itself, was a yawner, in that nothing really new was said: Thenews valuewas that the President felt compelled to make it.
The problem is, what if the race is a yawner? A super-inside account of a not-so-momentous election won't capture anyone's imagination--or earn back a $5 million advance.
What could have been a yawner turned into a series of about two dozen stories told as the saga of "DART Man" through the daily commutes of editorial writer Rodger Jones.
See "Night Out in the Big City Proves to be a Yawner;' Ottawa Citizen, 19 Mar.
The Yawner. Cousin to the Whiner, the Yawner is perhaps the second most frequently seen chat visitor.
They've turned it from the realm of steely-eyed heroes who may or may not survive their mission, to non-events where sending more beans and franks to the "international" space station is a yawner. Yet, this is the same agency that feared performing a mission to rescue the Hubble Space Telescope because there was no safety net if something went wrong.