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Countless others have, of course, far surpassed my meagre Oxford-inspired efforts - from prime ministers to Olympians and Nobel Prize winners, their achievements swamp my yawningly lame litany.
From the Carl Andre retrospective at Dia:Chelsea (a show that tidily sanitizes his involvement in the death of artist Ana Mendieta) to the various Mel Bochner shows doing the rounds, a waning generation of highly saleable but yawningly outdated artists are enjoying a last spasm of investment muscle from the one-per-center art world ...
The discrepancy between how Frost was perceived in America and how he was perceived in Britain was not just wide but yawningly so.
The Italian teams of the era were yawningly defensive and cynical - if you were unfortunate enough to go 1-0 down to them, you might as well have gone home because that was pretty much guaranteed to be the final score.
I know that it is yawningly obvious that men and women are truly different.
I like the fact that he's an old-fashioned Bob Hope style gag-merchant who tells proper jokes, instead of boring his audience with 'amusing observations' on life, or yawningly predictable political diatribes.
That is not the issue, despite the protestations of the Muslim world which has become as yawningly predictable as a second-rate Dan Brown novel topping the bestseller lists.
Some areas of the exhibition were left yawningly empty of art or of anything save a snippet of Gordon's vinyl dialogue.
So when J-Lo revealed that she was calling her son Max (THE SAME NAME KERRY KATONA HAS CHOSEN) and her daughter the yawningly low-key Emme it was something of a letdown.