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black-eyed Susan

black-eyed Susan or yellow daisy, North American daisylike wildflower (Rudbeckia hirta) of the family Asteraceae (aster family) with yellow rays and a dark brown center. It is a weedy biennial or annual and grows in dry places. The black-eyed Susan and the other rudbeckias are also called yellow coneflowers. The most widely cultivated is the golden glow (R. laciniata hortensia), a tall double-blossomed perennial. Black-eyed Susans are classified in the division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Asterales, family Asteraceae.
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black-eyed susan

black-eyed susan

Yellow flowers in the sunflower family with very dark brown center. Long pointy hairy leaves. Sometimes called “Yellow Echinacea” because of it’s shape and immune system-boosting properties. Root tea used to expel worms. Astringent, diuretic. Roots can be used like Echinacea, but not seed heads.
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brachyglottis, grey-green leaves and clusters of yellow daisy flowers; skimmia, scented flowers and scarlet berries if you plant both male and female specimens;
frutescens), a short-lived perennial to 3 feet tall with white, pink, or yellow daisy flowers.
For an autumn colour grouping, besides those already mentioned, add Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm', a deep yellow daisy like flower with a black domed centre, and excellent value when planted in a large group.
One shrubby plant you should get is Euryops acreus, which has finely lobed grey-green foliage and masses of the purest yellow daisy flowers.
With its glossy evergreen foliage and bright yellow daisy type flowers, combined with its very long flowering period, it is one of the best summer performers.
cucumerifolius varieties carry masses of sunny yellow daisy flowers that are sometimes flushed with red, and only grow to three feet.
For a contrast try Anthemis tinctoria 'EC Buxton,' producing masses of lemon- yellow daisy over a long period.
Heroic evergreens include two shrubs with grey-green foliage and the same nickname - daisy bush - Olearia x haastii, slow-growing to 1.5m (5ft), with scented white daises, and Brachyglottis laxifolia, a rounded shrub reaching 90cm (3ft), producing yellow daisy clusters; and an evergreen wall shrub, Griselinia littoralis, of which there is a variegated form.
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