yellow ochre

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yellow ocher, yellow ochre

A form of earth used as a yellow pigment; limonite.
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In the poem recounting that weekend, "Father Fragments (Or, Yellow Ochre)," the speaker explains, "I did not know him, / but I loved him / like I loved my heartbeat, / that original invisible companion." The poem--which contrasts a visit to the McNay Art Museum with her fathers spare, rented room "hot / like poverty"--itself resembles a work of art, framed by the speaker's retelling, filled as it is with light, color, and iconography; it depicts her four-year-old self sleeping with her father "without a comforter in God's long exposure."
Mixed into the basis that is yellow ochre, I discover shades of purple, olive and red crimson.
Orange-gold Cupric nitrate 32 Silver carbonate 3 Red ochre 30 China clay 30 Silver/Gold Silver carbonate 20 Calcined china clay 64 Yellow ochre 12 Alumina hydrate 4 Red-gold Copper sulphide 19 Silver carbonate 2 Ferric oxide 16 China clay 63 The china clay is calcined on its own, but the remaining ingredients are mixed, then calcined.
White stone porcelain ware and monochrome- glazed earthenware has been embellished with sky blues, pensive violets and yellow ochre tints.
A majority of the interior walls are painted with Sigmatex emulsion, tinted in unusual colors, such as yellow ochre, raw umber, vandyke brown and burnt sienna.
Protected from wind and rain, they could have been there for hundreds or even thousands of years, and we marvelled at the hands, figures, feet and water monitor in red, white and yellow ochre.
Added to this is the simple ornamentation, the high archways and elaborate gateways hiding pretty courtyards and gardens, arched and hooded windows with outward projecting bars, symmetrical buildings, garages which once housed the famous pousse-pousses (carriages pushed by a servant) but now home to motorised vehicles or have been converted into shops or workshops, and the predominance of yellow ochre and white as the preferred colours for walls.
He reports that yellow ochre [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are found in mines [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the latter also in iron ore quarries [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and that both are earth-like.
They are greeted by a room encircled with large and small canvases splashed with intense hues glowing in the showroom-like lighting: turquoise, lilac, yellow ochre and red.
They are distinguished by the yellow ochre patterns on their side.
Vivid lichens in yellow ochre paint the island's rocky shore, and the sheltered coves provide a home to rare nesting birds and seals.
It also has a big tiled floor, yellow ochre girders, a strange fountain in the middle, and some pretty awful table and seat units.