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, yerba maté
, or Paraguay tea,
evergreen tree (Ilex paraguariensis) of the family Aquifoliaceae (holly family). From ancient times Native Americans and now millions of Argentines and others in South America have made a tea (also
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yerba mate

yerba mate

In the Holly family (yes, Christmas holly) Grows up to 45 feet (15m). Simple shaped leaves with serrated edges. Small greenishwhite 4 petal flowers. Red berry-like fruit. Plant contains caffeine and is used as coffee substitute and aphrodisiac. Steep leaves and twigs in hot (not boiling) water. Similar to green tea, maybe a little more bitter. Very popular in South America. Roasting takes away bitter taste, but also many of the beneficial health compounds of the fresh green plant. Doesn’t cause jitters or nervous energy that coffee does. Used to rejuvenate, detoxify body, fight fatigue and increase health and longevity.
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Major players operating in the global yerba mate market include, Pure Leaf Naturals, Ecoteas, Yuyo Drinks Ltd, Mate Factor, Kraus, Wisdom Natural Brands, LA Virginia S.A., and Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products, Inc.
At the next session, one group of women received 2 g of dried, ground yerba mate leaves.
However, the exact mechanism by which yerba mate consumption has favorable effects on the cardiovascular system is not known.
En el caso del reclamo de los yerbateros en Misiones, la respuesta fue la creacion del Instituto Nacional de la Yerba Mate (INYM), que no tiene las mismas atribuciones que anteriormente tenia la CRYM al intervenir en el precio a traves de la compra de yerba al productor por medio de un mercado consignatario.
Many studies have been conducted on this species due to its economic importance (Wendling et al., 2006; Horbach et al., 2011; Santin et al., 2013), aiming to increase the productivity of yerba mate, from the seedling production to the establishment in the field.
Mate is prepared by adding hot water (at no more than 80 degrees Celsius or 176 Fahrenheit) to the dried leaves and stems of yerba mate, a shrub in the holly family.
Antiobesity effects of yerba mate extract (Ilex paraguariensis) in high-fat diet-induced obese mice.
This is due to the dominance of yerba mate, with the overall performance of "other" hot drinks thus continuing to be shaped by that of yerba mate.
The new guidance also covers the beverage mate -- sometimes known as yerba mate -- which is popular in South America and the Middle East.
The Pepsi Upton Tea Partnership is expanding its Brisk iced tea brand with Brisk Mate, a smooth energizing iced tea blended with South American Yerba Mate that was introduced this spring in select U.S.