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But Gueberts yield monitor showed surprisingly high numbers this fall, and his thoughts have returned to where his crops are going to go.
That's where six years of work culminated for Ag Leader President A1 Myers in 1992 with the Yield Monitor 2000 that would usher in the company's precision agriculture market dominance within four years.
Yield monitor data, collected at harvest with an AgLeader system (AgLeader Technology, Iowa, USA) linked to a differentially corrected global positioning system (GPS), were available for 38 of the 64 wheat crops grown on the farm during the study period.
Indeed, one of our independent adjudicators, Rob Forrest, who was with me on the combine at the time, had to take a picture of the yield monitor to prove his eyes weren't deceiving him.
The hay yield monitor (Model 880) of Harvest Tec USA was installed on a large square baler (Claas 3000) to record the harvested yields.
R], Pompeia, Sao Paulo State, Brazil) using an integrated yield monitor based on volume flow measurement.
Yield monitor units that track bushels per acre during harvest, range from $6,000 to $10,000.
A yield monitor system is a good example of an IDI because it has both sensors and controllers.
This system complements the cotton yield monitor, which measures the quantity of cotton at any given position in the field.
By attaching a yield monitor and data logger to mechanical grape pickers fitted with a global positioning system (GPS), it has been possible to construct yield maps of vineyards.
According to the firm's quarterly Rent and Yield Monitor, office rents nationally have fallen by an average of 10.
In his combine, Uphoff has a yield monitor that updates yields every two seconds.